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16-oct-2020 (Friday) – Schoenbrunn Trail

4:15 pm – arrived trailhead off Door County NP (WGS84 latitude/longitude = 45.24499/-87.03011) – two other cars in the parking area. Intended much earlier but lost morning to sleeping off blood donation hangover.

  • It was raining and getting dark fast – had to skip looking for plants and just fast walk to river and back. Met a couple and lone hiker on the way in.
  • Trail has been maintained as a two-track – concern there would be swampy spots due to higher lake level is unfounded.
  • View from the bank still conveys that feeling of being alone in a pristine wilderness
  • Water is definitely high enough for getting up and down river by canoe
  • Spectacular two-tone color on some beech leaves (pic)
  • Tried to id a couple of ground layer plants on the run (pics).
  • Most interesting plant was wiry grass-like tufts (pic)
  • Hard rain and small hail on the way out (pic).

Definitely need to come back yet this fall but carrying the canoe is out of the question. Bite the bullet and buy a portage dolly?

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