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7-jun-2020 (Sunday) – Lisa Lane

5:00 pm – arrived for typical dog walk

Finally found a male Carrion Flower – knew there had to be some around somewhere since female found Fall 2019 had mature fruit.

  • Flowers pretty well developed and no sign of white petals – good chance it’s a male
  • Looked to be same species as last year’s female – stems smooth – similar morphology (unbranched stems shot up to 2 meters more or less overnight). Many leaf axils toward tops of stems have two thin but very aggressive tendrils.
  • Most tendrils are grabbing other stems of the same plant – very little grabbing of neighboring veg although there is plenty nearby.
  • Looks like a clone, probably well established underground – 5 pretty stout new stems and three dead stems in 25 cm circle

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