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Judy – 26-mar-2020

Wow!  That was just fantastic.  You guys remember so much.  I remember it, but memory had to be prodded a bit.  Good times and makes me realize how old I am that all those things are so far in the past!  Thank you so much for sharing.  I will share with Ken and Doug and know they will love it as much as I did.
We are doing fine so far.  Just such a different way of life.  Special thoughts for Jamie as he spent all last school year at home and doing some on-line courses.  Finally off to college for 1 semester and now back home doing on-line courses.  How ironic is that??  He made the Dean’s list 1st semester so we were very proud.  Jesse is a senior this year and probably will not have a graduation ceremony.  He works as on on-line shopper for local grocery store and has been going in extra hours as they are swamped.  Proud of him, as well.
Everyone working from home.  Just wonder how long this can go on.  Certainly pray it won’t be too much longer.  At least we are heading into spring and can be outside and walk and do yard work!
Thanks, again.  I will stay in touch as to their reactions.  Love to all your family.  Judy

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