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Mike – 26-mar-2020

Factoids re Amber and Elmer’s farm.

  • At least through the 50’s, the farm was owned by Elmer’s stepmother Alma. Amber and Elmer worked the farm and Elmer’s father, Emil, often helped with big stuff like making hay.
  • Doug is now the owner of record of all the buildings and fields. Check out the Assessor’s Property Reports for parcels 52-0199-1000, 52-0076-0000, 54-0364-0000
  • A building lot was carved out for Matt – parcel 52-0199-0000
  • The street address is 2311 130 AVE. You can enter it in theĀ Iowa Geographic Map Server to see the photographic time sequence.

Factoids re Doug and Nancy’s farm

  • Elmer bought the place in the mid 50’s I think and worked both farms. His sister Mabel and her husband Cy Fox lived there. I think that Mabel was older and had helped to raise Elmer.
  • The street address is 2670 110 AVE – Thanks Meg

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