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Meg – 25-mar-2020

Ahhhh so nice to come home to.. after working at home… to visit Iowa and warm memories. Days are filled with absorbing the worry and stress of our clinicians, social workers and staff trying to provide medical and emotional support from a doorstep, telephone, or in person meetings with inadequate protection. Families are now barred from many facilities from visiting. Trying to think today if we could sing outside facilities to help out. Caroling in March.But back to Iowa… sitting in grain bins with orphaned animals, yes I remember the party line, falling in love with cows, their eyes and calm and of course the horror then of the slaughter house. I still see it. Bottle feeing calves, warm eggs, was there a well? Riding bareback on a horse… with Jim Struka’s sister? She was my idol whoever she was. Being a girl who had a horse… wow. 

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