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Beth – 25-mar-2020

Got the link from Mike too, Barb—thanks.  Now—how to add to blog, rather than email??  Mike, re. furniture, I picture something more massive, but not tall.  But no clear image, and may be messed up with our own old Murphy furniture.Remember that Amber would drive “to the locker” to get meat.  Also, a sickly sweet green Kool-Aid-type drink that came from the Jewel Tea salesman.  And Elmer, when he wasn’t working, just sitting outside, looking so relaxed and peaceful.  Watching him wash up at the sink that was in the kitchen—big soapy hands and arms.  Whisker-rubs, of course.  And the 2-headed calf in that big entry.  Mangy taxidermied fox that I loved, on porch off kitchen.  Bringing lemonade out to workers.  The creaking windmill and pump, metal dipper and ice-cold, metallic-tasting water.  Cats!  Loved playing with them on the steps.  Oh, and chicken poop randomly everywhere.  (Gary and I almost got chickens one summer, but I remembered that part.)  Talk of working at “the other place.”  Maybe visited there once or twice—Mabel??
Possibly my biggest overall memory of Iowa was smell of new-mown hay, which Mom loved.  And even more than that, Manure!!  I still Love that sun-dried cow manure smell.  Enough that Katy and Josh over-generalized, and whenever we’d hit a pocket of stench of any kind, they’d holler, “There’s your smell, Mom!”
Also, going to church at Little Rock or ??, depending on the week.  All the farmers with their well-earned farmer tans, red necks.  Only horse I remember was Grandma and Grampa’s neighbor kid, Buster, riding over on what seemed like a Huge horse.

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