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Mike – 23-mar-2020

I did some poking around on the Internet and came up with a few factoids.

  • The old farm is in Spring Rock Township, Clinton County
  • The street address is 1237 233 ST
  • The parcel number is 52-0186-0000

I looked up the Assessor’s Property Report. The aerial photos are cool but check out the overview drawing. The two building footprints labeled “POLE BARN” are listed as being built in 1900. The report shows the house (DWLG on the drawing) was built in 1998.

There’s a great photographic time sequence at the Iowa Geographic Map Server.

  • Paste the above street address into the address box and zoom in to the property
  • Open the list of map layers on the right side of the map
  • The 1930’s image has some cool handwritten notes
  • The 1990’s image is crappy but looks like the best re the old farmhouse. It’s obscured by big trees on older images.
  • The 2002 image shows that the new house was built before the old one was torn down.

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