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Database Development Workspace

Database Development Workspace

Development Workspace

It takes a lot of work and planning to keep track of the various
components of a large and complicated geographic information
system. We’re in favor of setting up a database development




  1. If CCB has not published a standard, consider Mike S
  2. Top level folder – name includes the word “master” – suggest
  3. One and only one master on a server with high-end backup
    protocol (eg fpsb). If you want me to have access, use my student
    user name – stiemg10
  4. One subworkspace folder for each discrete output (DB, static
    map, tabular report) – the db files and the associated map
    documents are in the subworkspace folder – not in subfolders below
    the subworkspace folder
  5. Minimal time invested in any one map document
  6. There are subfolders in subworkspace folders for source
    material and obsolete versions of the db
  7. One and only one master on a server with high-end backup
    protocol (eg fpsb)
  8. Extracting and naming of subsets for web display is
    self-documenting. Jordan and I will figure out and publish
  9. Relative pathnames used throughout – any changes to structure
    (new or renamed files and folders) is done with full awareness of
    ripple effect
  10. At this moment, versioning rules are unsettled – need to choose
    between Biodiversity Center,  Mike 1, Mike 2 approaches and
    lock in

Workspace – tall, skinny folder
tree vs short,fat
Workspace – folder/file naming
principles, understand Layer Source property
Workspace – folder/file naming
principles, consider camelcase

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