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Smartphone Camera – 90° Rotation Bug

Apple mobile devices allow the user to take landscape photos (the photographer rotates the device 90° to get an image that is wider than it is high). That’s fine as long as programs used to display the image can figure out it’s true orientation. So far the technical issues have not been completely worked out and it’s common to see the same image file displayed in portrait by one web app and in landscape by another. Our current approach to this problem is to remove the orientation parameter from the image file’s metadata

  • Open the image in Photoshop
  • Open Photoshop’s Save for Web dialog by selecting File from the main menu, then Export, then Save for Web
  • Instruct Photoshop to optimize the image for display on the web by selecting the Optimized option from the list at the top of the dialog.
  • Instruct Photoshop to export the image as a high quality jpeg by selecting JPEG High from the input box labeled “Preset:”.
  • Instruct Photoshop to remove the orientation parameter from the image file by selecting None from the input box labeled “Metadata:”.
  • Save the optimized version of the image file.

This process is really klunky – it would be great if someone out there could refer us to something better.

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