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Downloading Data Created/Edited in the Collector App

This article lists the steps developed by Bobbie Websters vegetation mapping team for downloading a feature class from ArcGIS Online. This occurs when a feature class has been published to AGOL for use by field technicians using Collector to map their vegetation inventory and management work. The steps were worked out and documented by Natural Areas Field Technician, Sam Hoffman.

Steps for downloading data/shapefile (tested on Google Chrome)

  • Create new folder: Go to ecodata drive -> _NaturalAreasGeoData -> MapTreat2019NatArea (name folder: CollectorDownloadYYYYMMDD)
  • Go to advanced settings in Chrome and go down to downloads. Either turn on the “ask where to save each file before” downloading, or map the location beforehand (select the folder that was just made).
  • Go to ArcGIS online -> content -> VegMap2019.  Download the editable feature class (MapTreat2019_Patch01) from the cloud. Click on “Export Data” and select Export to Shapefile. Add a tag (veg map), make sure it is going to the Veg Map 2019 folder, and click Export. 
  • Go to the download and extract zip file. Right click on the file, select extract all, then click extract. Copy the bottom 4 files and past in the folder you created in the first step. Then delete the zips that were copied. 
  • Create .mxd file. Open ArcGIS on the desktop. Go to File -> Map Document Properties. Make sure “pathnames” is checked. Click “Save as” and include the download data in the name. Click the “add data” icon. Select the correct data folder and click “add”. Once opened in ArcGIS, right click on the layer and open the attribute layer to ensure the correct data was downloaded.

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