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A lot of great material has been published on the subjects of parenting and educating an autistic child. But when that child enters adulthood, they are still autistic. The autistic adult and the society that we are living in need to adjust to one-another and I’m most interested in the literature that guides those adjustments.

Asperger’s from the Inside Out

Originally Published: April, 2008
Author: Michael John Carley
Publisher: The Penguin Group
Genres: Self-Help

Look Me In the Eye

Originally Published: September 25, 2007
Author: John Elder Robison
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Genres: Memoir, Biography, Autobiography

Thinking In Pictures

Originally published: November 1995
Author: Temple Grandin
Genres: Biography, Autobiography

The New Look at the Needs of Teens and Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Video capture of a presentation given February 26, 2016 by Michael John Carley

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