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ArcGIS Online – Join the AGOL Organization

UW-Green Bay students, faculty members and staff members are eligible to join the organization. Once a person is in, Esri documentation refers to him/her as a “named user”. Routine roster management (adding new users, deleting lapsed users, setting user roles, etc) is handled by “functional administrators” who are appointed by a top level administrator in the University’s Division of Computing & Information Technology. As of February 2018 the functional administrators are Chris Houghton and Mike Stiefvater:

  • An applicant starts by contacting one of the functional administrators and asking to be added to UWGB’s account as a named user. As soon as the administrator acts on the request, the system sends out a “You have been invited” email.
  • The email contains instructions for the initial login process which, when completed, establishes the applicant as a named user.
  • At that point the user has the credentials needed to log in to and access ArcGIS Online functionality.

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