Internet Map Services Relevant To Western Great Lakes Geographic Information Systems

Map services are becoming a more prevalent and reliable source of data for desktop GIS users. A map service allows a desktop user to connect to layers stored on the data owner's GIS server. The ability to access data remotely can greatly reduce the need for distributing many copies of popular datasets. It is a very efficient approach to data distribution and appears to be where the world is headed more Info

Availability of specific services is sometimes erratic, connection information is not always well-publicized and the connection procedure must be followed exactly. To help users with these issues, we make an effort to check out services that seem like they might be relevent to our work. We've followed up on the services listed below, found them to be operational and recorded detailed connection instructions. Users who haven't worked with GIS servers and services might want to check out our How to Connect page.

Municipal Government Map Services

Regional and State Map Services

United States & North America Map Services

World Map Services

Map Service Guides and Directories