Internet GIS - User Notes

Some ideas for maximizing the usfulness of internet GIS applications are listed below:

Map Coordinates

Get Coordinates From Google Maps & Bing Maps - We've run across a couple of useful articles on this subject:

webmapxyCoordinate Display In Web Maps - Many GIS applications on the Internet are designed to display the cursor coordinates in the browser status bar. However, the browser must be specifically configured to take advantage of this extremely useful feature. The information below was furnished by Eric Sandin at the Wisconsin DNR:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Open Internet Explorer
• Click the Tools button
• Click Internet Options
• Click Internet or Restricted sites
• Click the Security tab
• Click the Custom level button
• Scroll down to 'Scripting'
• Click 'Allow status bar updates via script'
• Select Enable
• Click OK until you return to Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox
• Under the "Tools" menu, select "Options"
• From the "Content" tab, click the "Advanced" button to the right of "Enable JavaScript"
• Check the box marked "Change status bar text"