Internet GIS - Earth Science

Some web-based geographic information systems that we've found useful are described below.

Michigan Earth Science

Digital Watershed is a tool for science based watershed management from the Institute of Water Research at MSU

Surface Water Information Management System provides access to the Michigan DNR's hydrography databases

Wisconsin Earth Science

Surface Water Data Viewer provides access to the Wisconsin DNR's hydrography and wetlands databases site=SurfaceWaterViewer

DNR Interactive Web Mapping Applications is a directory to the Internet geographic information systems hosted by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Pre-1989 Well Construction Reports

US Earth Science

Web Soil Survey, hosted by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, is a great tool for getting at the information contained in the Soil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) databases. The application allows users to define an area of interest, extract key metrics and print an informative map

Long-Term Hydrologic Impact Assessment (L-THIA), developed by Purdue University, is a suite of region-specific modeling tools that estimate impacts of land use change on water resources

World Earth Science

OneGeology Portal advertises that they are "Making Geological Map Data for the Earth Accessible"

EarthNow near real-time LANDSAT imagery

Earth Observatory