Welcome To Otter Geospatial

This website came about because a number of things that I care about have an information-sharing component. I 'm a notoriously bad communicator and I've decided to see if the Internet can help me out. One of my passions is working with students of geospatial technology (geographic information systems, GPS mapping, computerized cartography, remote sensing, etc). I believe this to be a very important field, primarily because it teaches us a lot about how the Earth and its occupants are tied to one another: but also because it offers significant career opportunities. There are job opportunities in the geospatial technology field itself, and equally important are those areas of endeavor that apply the technology in pursuit of academic, governance or business goals.

So here's my basic premise. "In the field of geospatial technology the learnining process doesn't really take off until one is engaged in a real project on a topic of real interest". But the complexity of the subject matter and its dependence on prerequisite knowledge are barriers to diving right in on real work. The purpose of this site is to be there with helpful information when students are pushing ahead and hit obstacles they aren't prepared for - Mike Stiefvater